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Model Based Testing Tool


Graphical tool for test generation

Model based testing key benefits

Collaborative & agile work

test design

ALM filling

Continuous testing in DEVOPS

Requirements coverage

Represent any behaviour to test using 4 concepts

Starting & ending point

Define the start and end points of your behavioral chains to initialize your test context and indicate when to release it.

Hierarchical state

Organise each state of your system using hierarchical chain, and factorise common behaviour.


Evaluate the probability to go from one state to another, using different usage profils.


Define conditional branches to structure your test behavior and parallelize your test branches.

Graphical tool to design your application

Graphical design

Design your applications

MaTeLo integrates an ergonomic graphic editor to design your applications behaviour, using simple concepts. It can import your requirements and monitor their coverage by the generated test cases, deducted from your behavioural design.

MaTeLo is easy to take in hand and it eases your work by validating continuously your projet thanks to an automatic consistency checking. It can also go further and improve your tests value by benefiting of a complete data management.

Share your work easily thanks to the graphical representations, and iterate in your validation project by upgrading your design and test strategy step by step.

Easy integration in Agile team

A simple model

A simple and intuitive model

MateLo is based on a hierarchical state / transition diagram, allowing to represent the interweaving of functional paths. The graphical representations in MaTeLo also integrate the application environment (user behavior, other applications, etc.) to be able to generate complete and representatives test cases for any kind of system under test.

Test engineers can thus easily represent their applications, associate requirements with them, define automation functions and manage their data.

Suitable for any user domain

Test generation & execution

Test cases generation

Generate your test cases

Configure your test strategies according to your needs: regression, confirmation, sprint, combinatorics, requirements, risk, data management, etc. with a statistical or deterministic approach and thanks to numerous algorithms.

Automatically generate test sets with the minimum number of reusable test cases with the best coverage and requirement traceability.

Generation strategy fully customisable to feet your specific needs!

MaTeLo online testing

Run your campaigns directly

An On-line mode allows you to control the execution of your test cases in real time from MaTeLo. MaTeLo is able to run campaigns on all types of web browsers, web services, heavy Windows and Linux applications, mobile applications, AS/400 applications, etc.

MaTeLo orchestrates different kinds of automatons (GUI, Web Service, etc...) to perform "end-to-end" tests. New tests are constantly being carried out, simulating ever-changing user paths. The bugs were reported as they went along without interrupting the execution of the campaign.

100% automation without a single line of code and without being a computer scientist!

Data management

Interface with ALM

The MaTeLo repository can be automatically transformed to be compatible with a large ecosystem: TestStand & Veristand, UFT, Selenium, XML, C, Scade, JUnit, Atlanssian JIRA, etc. Data can also be exported to ALM suites, such as ALM Quality Center, Silk Central, or Squash for collaborative work.

MaTeLo data

Test data management

The test data management module is natively integrated in MaTeLo and allows you to connect to more than 800 data sources. It will help you to :

  • Create test data samples
  • Generate consistent and sufficient test data and complex expected results
  • Manipulate your test data throughout the validation process
  • Search, view, sort, filter, group, calculate, analyse and manipulate test data
  • Identify and locate data from multiple sources, thanks to powerful data mining features, and link them to your test plans

Our customers

350 MaTeLo licenses deployed in more than 30 major accounts since 2005

"With MaTeLo, Euronext has improved its productivity by 10 to 20% for the testing of its new projects, and by 40% for maintenance projects."
Head of Quality Assurance
"MaTeLo is the cornerstone from design to test automation in our DEVOPS chain."
Validation Manager
DSI L'Oréal
"MaTeLo models give us a better understanding of our processes, the quality of test coverage has doubled and we have gained 30% productivity on the overall test activity."
Country Test Manager
"MaTeLo has given us a competitive advantage over the quality of the embedded software of our drilling machines."
Validation team leader
"MaTeLo helped us to create and automatically perform complex tests as required by the SOTIF standard to validate our autonomous vehicles."
Renault Nissan
Head of V&V department
"MaTeLo has been deployed in our test centres from 2010, the tool has contributed to the improvement of productivity in the testing of our dashboards."
Testing Manager Europe

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