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Who are we?

ALL4TEC is an independent software publisher. The company is a pioneer in model-driven engineering. For more than 20 years, our tools have been helping to improve the testing, validation and reliability of complex and interconnected systems. ALL4TEC deploys its tools in many fields (Land transport, Defence, Telecommunications, Information Systems) and supports its customers all over the world.

Our R&D activities and our collaborations with numerous research laboratories and the largest industrial companies make ALL4TEC a key player in innovation in the most advanced fields of software engineering. This technological advance allows us to renew our ambitions to impose the company as a strategic partner for major customers in the fields of quality and safety of complex or critical systems.

In addition, ALL4TEC is involved in many R&D projects, including :

  • DISTA (Distributed Testing Automotion)
  • REPLICA (Simulation platforms to overcome the expected gap in testing and validation of the autonomous vehicle)
  • AQUAS (Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems)
  • 3SA (Simulation for the Safety of Autonomous vehicle Systems)
  • S2C (Multi-model approach to optimize system architectures)
The company’s organization is inspired by the model of liberated companies: a horizontal structure that leaves room for individual initiative and collective intelligence, agility deployed on all projects, total transparency towards employees. This organization reinforces the confidence of our customers and testifies to the investment of our employees and the values promoted by the company: permanent innovation and openness to others.

RiskOversee : Our risk analysis tools

RiskOversee is a brand of ALL4TEC that brings together our risk analysis tools in the field of cybersecurity and operational safety.

Cyber Architect and Agile Risk Manager are risk analysis and management tools that support the EBIOS and EBIOS Risk Manager methods promoted by ANSSI. As such, ALL4TEC is a member of the EBIOS Club to support the promotion of EBIOS labels. Our solutions are deployed in many essential operators and companies.

ALL4TEC also tools safety analysis methods used in the development of critical systems in fields such as automotive, aerospace or defence. Safety Architect allows the main operational safety analyses (HAZOP, FTA, FMEA, FMECA, FMEDA) to be carried out.

RiskOversee thus brings together a complete range of tools to meet the dual “Safe & Secure” problem that is increasingly present among major manufacturers, operators and IT principals.


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